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Trinity Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse (200ml)

Trinity Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse (200ml)

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Chloe Adair x Rose and Caramel

Soooo guys it’s finally here… my very own self tan!!!

You all know just how much I love my tan and it’s something I literally can’t be without, I feel half the person without it and I always feel at my most confident when I’ve got the perfect tan (I know so many of you reading this right now will relate to this! Everything just looks better on with a tan, right?!)

After using Rose and Caramel tanning products religiously for over 3 years now I really have grown to absolutely love the brand and their products. I’ve always layered their tans to get my desired colour (ultra dark is the goal always!) so we thought it only made sense to combine all 3 tans together and this is where Trinity was born!

Trinity has oil free moisture to keep your skin soft, a deep and flawless guide colour that looks amazing even before wash off & my favourite scent of coconut for a light fresh fragrance.

Now I can get my desired ultra dark tan from just applying a few layers of one single tan. Its the perfect dark bronze colour with just the right balance of tones to still give you that deep dark flawless bronze colour without the dreaded orange tones. Ive tested it over and over again and I can honestly say its the best tan I’ve ever used and I’m super super proud that its mine – I know you’re all going to love it too!

Me and the Rose and Caramel team are always just a DM away on Instagram if you ever need any help or tips with the tan. I know you’re all going to fall in love with it as much as I have and I’m soo excited to see all your gorgeous pictures showing off the tan!!! Please don’t forget to tag me (chloeadair1) and Rose and Caramel on Instagram and we will re-share as many as we can.

Love you all and thank you so so much for the continued love and support it means the absolute world to me!

Chloe x


Aqua (Water), Dihydroxyacetone, Giycern
Acetomadioethoxyethanol,Polysorbate20, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Phenoyyethanol, Partum (Fragrance), Caprylyl Glycol, Coumarin, Linalool, Sodium Metabisulfite, CI 16035 (FD & CRed 40), C/ 19140 (FD & C Yellow 5), Cl 42090 (FD&C Blue 1), Cl 61570 (D & C Green 5).


For best results for a flawless finish here are my top tips;

1. Exfoliation is key to prepare the skin for a fresh application of tan! Exfoliate any old tan and dead skin away, I use my Trinity Excel Express self tan removing scrub which is a must have for any self tanner. Then shave and moisturise then leave skin to settle for a few hours or overnight (this gives your skin time to cool down and pores time to close meaning no dreaded black dots)

2. Application – I always use the Rose and Caramel tanning mits – I find they give the smoothest, even finish and help distribute the tan evenly over the skin. I leave the feet, knees, hands and elbows until last then lightly brush over them with whatever product is left on the mitt, this helps avoid applying too much tan to those areas as they’re naturally dry so they soak up the tan a lot more than the rest of the body.

3. Layer, layer, layer! If an ultra dark tan is your goal – I find layering the tan to be the best to get this result. I’ll usually do 2 full layers and this leaves me with a gorgeous deep colour. However, if you want to be even darker (for glam nights out etc) then id recommend applying another layer after you’ve showered and this will give you an ultra dark tan.

4. Moisturise – this is so important in helping your tan to stay flawless for as long as possible and also encourages an even fade. I use my Repair moisturiser twice a day which is maximises hydration, encouraging long lasting self tan results & no greasy residue. I promise your skin (and tan) will thank you for it!


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